Summers are a bitch. especially the summer here in Kolkata!Not only does the humidity absolutely ruin your hair, it makes you mother and your sister cranky.:| Consider then, travelling in such a weather at two in the afternoon, in a public bus full of sweaty smelly people. Consider, being with these people for one and a half hour only to realise the bus conductor had conveniently forgot to mention the route of the bus had changed. Consider, having to walk in the afternoon sun for half an hour to your destination only to find it "closed for maintenance"! You'd feel like killing yourself. Just like I did!

die heat.DIE DIE DIE.
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1 Response to "howdoesitevenmatter?"

  1. Purba says:
    May 2, 2010 at 8:24 PM

    HAHA, So agree with you on the frizz part. And the oily face that looks like an overheated tomato??